Three Unique Ways Floor Graphics Help Your Customers

Floor graphics are a creative and innovative communication tool that can help customers browse your store with ease and direction. They may not be the first thing you think of when you start contemplating what graphics you need at your location, but there are many reasons for you to take them into consideration! From informing customers of where to go to serving as a promotional tool, floor graphics are a great choice for businesses in many industries.

Some of the unique ways floor graphics can help your customers include:

Floor Graphics Attract Attention

Floor graphic for social distancing

Businesses often become hectic and busy, especially during the most popular shopping hours. Take some weight off of your customers’ shoulders by providing them with easy-to-read symbols or statements about products, promotions or directions. Additionally, traditional marketing strategies are a bit played out for many potential customers. They have seen it all, from signs and banners to flyers and brochures. Floor graphics aren’t new, but are being reinvisioned as a concept that calls for the attention of potential customers and brings their focus to a new area.

Showing Off Your Businesses Creativity

Floor graphics can be a great way to exercise creativity. Use floor graphics to inform patrons of the directions to their new favorite product, to a specific room or registers and even promote social distancing with Allegra’s custom floor graphics. If your business’s aim is to make customers smile, create an amusing or inspiring message to bring your customers or guests extra joy on their day out!

Floor Graphics Create a More Spacious Feeling in Stores or Buildings

Traditional marketing signage can be obstructive and take up more space than it needs to. With custom floor graphics from Allegra, your store completely opens up and incorporates a profitable marketing strategy that will help both your customers and your business.

At Allegra, we create custom floor graphics for businesses and organizations of all kinds, ranging from grocery stores to restaurants, to retail stores, conference halls, schools, and more. Our team of expert graphic designers collaborates with you to understand your business and reflect its values in every piece we create. Additionally, we provide high-quality printing services so you never have to worry about blurred images or statements in your custom floor graphic. Our aim is to print seamless custom floor graphics that are eye-catching and imaginative as well as helpful for your customers.

Floor graphics are a cost-effective and innovative way to advertise promotions, direct customers to products or areas of your store, and can turn your building into a more inviting atmosphere. For more information on how custom floor graphics can benefit your business, customers, and guests, visit Allegra online today. We look forward to working with you!

Celebrate any occasion with custom banners!

Tangible print media still has its place in today’s environment, even as things have largely gone digital. You can’t deny the eye-catching pull of a big, real-life banner that reads “Grand Opening” or “Happy Birthday” in large dazzling letters. It stirs excitement and causes a rippling impact for all who see it. From our perspective, a celebration is not complete without a banner to highlight what you are celebrating. Fortunately, you can rely on Allegra for custom banner printing that meets all of your needs. Here are just a few ideas:

The Grand Opening (or Re-Opening) of Your Business

Large red banner sign that says GRAND OPENING in white letters.

Start by teasing your patrons with a “Coming Soon” banner on the outside of your building. This works wonders to pique interest and build excitement, especially if your building is going through extensive renovations.

If your business is established but recently moved locations, you will want to kick off the grand reopening with a big party. You can plan special sales or activities that will draw in your loyal customers as well as new customers in the area.

You want a grand opening sign to be big, bold and beautiful while also aligning with the visual style of your brand. Not every grand reopening sign has to be red with white letters (although that does capture attention). You can choose from a variety of colors, fonts and styles that fit the aesthetic of your business.

Employee Appreciation Event

There is a designated day for employee appreciation, and it usually falls in the spring. That said, taking the time to show your crew that you appreciate them throughout the year is always a good idea.

Plan fun, creative and special employee appreciation events that show the people you work with that you care. Perhaps that comes in the form of a special lunch, a team building outing like laser tag, or giving out swag. However you choose to celebrate, highlighting it with a huge banner that simply says “Thank you!” will certainly send the right message.

Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries and Retirement Celebrations

Having everyone at the office sign a card is nice, but you really want to do it up right when a milestone birthday rolls around. Whether it is a 40th  birthday, a retirement or recognizing someone who has been with the company for decades – it’s good to plan a celebration where everyone can have fun and the guest of honor feels special. Print a custom banner to bring attention to the big event in a distinct and eye-catching way.

Get your message across and make sure it stands out for your next celebration with custom banner printing from Allegra. Contact us to get started!

Three Guidelines for Effective Point-of-Purchase Displays

It’s easy for certain products to get lost in a store. People generally have an idea of what they need, but it’s your job to highlight all of the products they may potentially want. Make your products pop with the help of point-of-purchase displays!

What are point-of-purchase displays?

Store shelves in an aisle that are blurred to indicate a sea of products without any point-of-purchase displays.

Also referred to as POP displays, these structures are printed marketing materials designed to promote a specific product. The intention is to drive immediate action that leads to more sales. POP displays can appear throughout a store and come in a variety of sizes, from small displays at the checkout counter to much larger designs in the middle of an aisle or on a shelf.

Eye-catching point-of-purchase displays influence customers while they are in your store and help to improve their overall experience.

Create engaging POP displays that are sure to capture attention by keeping these three ideas in mind:

Know Your Audience

Think about the people who typically visit a particular store. What brings them there in the first place? What are their interests? What resonates with them? When you know who you are speaking to, you can better craft a visual design and message that accommodates their needs.

Choose the Right Size and Location

As mentioned earlier, POP displays come in a wide range of sizes that fit various locations throughout a store. After you have your audience in mind, you can get strategic about the areas of the store that make the most sense for this product. Consider options such as:

  • Aisle Displays
  • End Caps
  • Floor Displays
  • Side Wings or Power Wings
  • Counter Displays

Communicate Clearly

Once you have the first two items figured out, you can focus on the fun part: the message and design! You should always:

  • Use bold graphics with a design consistent to the brand.
  • Deliver short and succinct messages using descriptive language.
  • Answer questions customers might ask, like what the product does and why they should buy it.
  • Focus on the benefits and specifically, what sets this product apart from other similar products.
  • Keep the most important components at eye level.

Encourage visitors to become customers with a well-designed POP display!

Whether you want to highlight a special deal or promote products that haven’t been selling that well, point-of-purchase displays are the way to go. Turn to the experts at Allegra to help you make an engaging point-of-purchase display that captures attention and leads to more sales. Contact us today to get started!

Back-to-School Sign Printing Services

Back to school shopping for your classroom has never been easier. At Allegra, we provide sign printing services for all of your classroom adornment needs. Create custom signage to direct your students into the right room, hang welcoming announcements for parents and teachers, and provide colorful posters with information on a lesson you will be teaching!

A picture of a classroom with desks, chairs, and posters on the walls.

Classrooms needs proper signage to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for the young and curious minds. When you work with Allegra, you can count on the quality printing services we provide. Start the school year off with a perfectly decorated interior. Our company can print both large and small amounts of signs at an economical price. We offer a wide amount of options for signage, some of which include:


Both flags and banners have the ability to attract attention from far and wide. They can also help you convey important information to students and parents while maintaining a professional but stylish flair.

Floor Decals

When you have very young students, they may benefit from the colorful and directive floor graphics our team can provide for your school and classrooms. Lead students to the right areas, create hopscotch patterns, and so much more. The possibilities of floor decals are endless.

Meeting Signs

Open houses are a great opportunity to direct the parents of your new students around your school, to the auditorium for your presentation, and to boast your expectations for the new school year!


A decorated classroom is a place where students feel excited and inspired to learn. Collaborate with our graphic design team to create the perfect posters of any size for your classroom.

Window Graphics

If your school or classroom heats up from large windows bringing in excess sun exposure, consider window graphics from Allegra that allow for high-quality images while also blocking out the sun’s harmful rays. This will keep you cool and help the school save money on the electric bill.

Yard Signs

Need to share an announcement with parents for an upcoming open house or other events? Consider yard signs to inform, help navigate, and welcome both students and parents.

At Allegra, the possibilities for sign printing services are only limited by your imagination. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us for more information on what type of signs may be best for you, for suggestions on graphics, and so much more. Contact your local Allegra today to get started on back-to-school sign printing services!

3 Ways to Use Floor Graphics After COVID

Post-pandemic events create new opportunities to let prospective customers know about your brand’s promotions, products, services, future events, and so much more. Effective signage is needed for introducing or re-introducing your business to customers. Floor graphics are an interesting way to showcase what your business has to offer. From the different fonts, designs, and other graphics, the possibilities of floor graphics are endless. Allow Allegra’s seasoned team of marketers and graphic designers to handle your custom floor graphics.

White shoes on a white floor with floor signage reading “maintain 6 feet thank you.”

New advancements in technology permits a fresh way of marketing. For example, your restaurant may be reopening and wanting to advise their customers about what practices they should keep in mind post-COVID. Guide your customers throughout the restaurant by welcoming them back with guidance for social distancing, or even your business’ latest promotional efforts. The versatility of custom floor graphics never ends with your imagination matched with our team of experts.

During COVID-19, grocery stores utilized this medium of signage to the public. Many grocers implemented custom floor graphics to indicate where to stand in relation to others while in line for checkout. Additionally, many businesses have requested floor graphics for promotions and to indicate closed off areas or detours to other locations throughout their business.

Hosting or vending at an event? Consider floor graphics to guide prospective customers to your location at the function, or even provide them with information about the function. Effective signage can create a relationship between your product/service and your customer, which can turn a prospective into a customer.

Go beyond the literal aspect of floor signage and directing your customers by speaking to their emotions with custom floor signage. This can be a way of welcoming them back into your establishment in a creative way. At Allegra, we suggest using a large font format to grasp the attention of customers.

Promotional floor graphics are hard to miss when printed perfectly with your unique design. Stand out from the crowd by printing with Allegra! Count on our team to create quality custom floor graphics for you. Our material is top-notch and adheres to floors with ease. We suggest deep cleaning your floors before applying, and squeegeeing out any bubbles. Maintain these floor graphics with typical cleaning practices. Stand out at your next event or reopening with Allegra’s high-quality floor graphics. Work with our seasoned team of marketers and designers to develop the best floor graphic for your business’ needs.

Ways to Utilize Signage as You Reopen

As businessesWall Graphic reopen, it’s critical that they comply with both state and national guidelines. Protecting the health and safety of customers and employees should remain their top priority – and additional signage can be extremely helpful with this. Signage can both inform those who are unaware of safe social distancing practices as well as ensure that everyone is maintaining those practices. There are a number of ways to use signage on door, floor and walls for this purpose.

The CDC has laid out specific guidelines for maintaining social distancing (also called “physical distancing”), such as staying at least six feet from other people, not gathering in groups and staying out of crowded places. It’s important to follow these guidelines in your business, which can be simplified through correctly utilizing signage.

First, your customers should be informed of your business’s policies before they even enter the building. That means signage should be utilized on doors to clearly state if a face covering is required to enter, or if you are limiting the capacity of your business. If you’re dealing with customers lining up outside of your business, you can utilize floor graphics to outline spaces for people to stand in while they wait.

Floor Graphics 1You can also use this method in the interior of your business by using floor graphics for your check-out line. This helps maintain space between customers both insides your business and outside, without breaking the bank.

Placing directional signage on the floor to encourage organizational movement throughout your business can also be helpful. When customers feel organized and supported, they are likely to build trust and confidence, and ultimately, to return.

Signage on the floor is helpful, but there should also be signage at eye level. Place reminders to respect others’ space or to wear a face covering on the walls to encourage the safety of your customers and employees.

It’s vital to inform those who visit your business of your commitment to their health and safety. Especially if your state is enforcing the use of face coverings and social distancing, utilizing signage can help your business comply as you begin to reopen. Contact Allegra today to learn more about our reopening solutions.

5 Ways to Boost Your Trade Show Presence

Trade shows are a great place to find new customers and build relationships to help your business grow. These events are often industry-specific and not open to the general public. Most of the people who attend trade shows are company representatives in a position to influence purchasing decisions. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research found that 86% of trade show visitors are decision-makers.Trade Show Booths

Before signing up for your next trade show, it’s crucial to do some preliminary research and figure out what will be the goal your company wants to achieve during this event. Your company may be launching a new product or service, or they may be looking to get feedback on an existing offering, or they may simply want to generate new sales leads. Whatever the objective is, you will need to find out what type of audience will be attending the event. After you figure out who will be attending the event, you’ll be able to determine the best ways to attract them to your booth.

Participating in events requires a substantial investment and advanced planning is necessary to guarantee a good return on investment. Redefine success and step up your 2020 trade show game by focusing on these five event marketing strategies.

  1. Reach out to attendees before the event. Build interest before the event by sending emails to encourage attendees to visit your booth. It may seem unnecessary, but doing this will plant the idea in their heads to stop by your location when at the event. You can say something as simple as, “Stop by with our booth with your business card for a chance to win a prize.”
  2. Invest in a memorable trade show booth. Choosing the right event company to produce your display is just as important as selecting the correct trade show to attend. That’s where Allegra comes in! We can help you think of every detail, from graphics and flooring to lighting.
  3. Invest in proper signageSigns are often the focal point of any booth and they are responsible for representing your brand. Make sure you have enough signage not only in your booth but also around the event floor to help people locate your booth. Use eye-catching graphics to draw potential customers and communicate the value of your products and services. There are many different types of signage that work well for events, from trade show banners to ceiling and flooring graphics.
  4. Pick unique promotional items. With today’s printing advancements, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of products you can brand. Use this opportunity to your advantage by picking an unusual giveaway. Giving people something unexpected they haven’t seen before will give your company an edge over other exhibitors. The items companies distribute at events should always be useful, valuable, or entertaining. Trends to keep in mind in 2020 when picking out promotional items are: self-care or fitness items, eco-friendly products, tech accessories, weather-friendly attire, and brain teasers.
  5. Make your booth fun and interactive. An excellent idea to attract people to your booth is to offer a convenient service. An example of this would be to set up a cell phone charging station. Since most people will probably be using their phones, they are likely to stop by and use the station. Another idea to make your booth more interactive and fun is to invite people over for games in exchange for prizes. People are more likely to spend some time with your company if you are providing an experience they can enjoy.

Allegra has the experience and expertise to save you time and money with trade show displays, banner stands, giveaways, and more. You don’t need a big budget to make a significant impact! We’ve helped lots of companies just like yours. And they’ve been kind enough to give us a 5-star rating in return. That’s a win-win!

For quality and service you can trust, contact your local Allegra Marketing Print Mail location today!

7 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Store Signage

Store signage is one of the only marketing tools that will work for your business 24/7. Signs require minimum to no supervision or maintenance. Because of this, you’ve probably grown accustomed to your signs and forget the critical role they play.

According to the International Sign Association, outdoor signs are responsible for at least half of your customers. Store signs can help you attract new customers, promote your brand, alert passersby of new products and offers, and help your business drive and close sales.

If you are looking for new ways to bring your store to life and make the most out your signs, here are seven store signage ideas to implement right away.

  1. Find opportunities to improve your existing store signs.

Take a look at your business with fresh eyes. Use this as an opportunity to look around at your facility and put yourself in the shoes of a new client or customer. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your main outdoor sign clean and functioning?
  • Does it still represent your brand and ideas?
  • Is it visible from a distance?
  • Do you like how it looks?

While these questions may seem simple enough to answer, they can help you identify potential opportunities for improvement. Remember, your exterior signs will be the the first visual impression people have of your company.

  1. Use custom graphics to enhance open areas and windows.

Make the most of every square foot of informational, promotional, or decorative space in your location. Think beyond words and use images to communicate and promote your business.  An eye-catching image can help you attract new customers and motivate existing ones to stop by. With the latest solutions in graphics, you’re no longer limited to only decorating your walls, windows, and doors. You can now take advantage of vinyl graphics for floors and ceilings. Use affordable custom graphics to update your store displays as often as you like.

  1. Cover your windows without covering your view.

Perforated window graphics are an innovative way to decorate your windows. A perforated graphic will let you present a promotional message on one side and a clear view from the other. One-way vinyl graphics replicating frosted glass or displaying a design or scene also add privacy to office or conference room windows.

  1. Attract new customers with signs beyond your storefront.

You shouldn’t limit your signage strategy to just your store. Many businesses use vehicle graphics to promote their brand beyond their location. For smaller companies without permanent vehicles for deliveries or service calls, there are other options like car-top or door-side magnet signs. These are an ideal way to put your marketing in motion and are easily removable.

  1. Use banners to promote special announcements.

Banner-MockupToday’s oversized printing lets you go big.  An oversized banner can be great to capture the attention of passersby.  The versatility of a colorful, custom banner or fabric sign can’t be beat. They are equally useful indoors or out, for a one-time appearance or to reuse time and time again. Banners are quick to develop and depending on the material and size they can accommodate to any budget.

  1. Try A-frame signs.

You’ve probably seen A-frame signs used outside of bars. These are often decorated with witty handwritten notes to draw people in from the street. You can enhance the entrance to your store with a portable A-frame sign.  They are a popular choice as they’re two-sided and readable from both directions. Another great thing about these signs is they can be made in ways that allow you to regularly update your message and add some of your own personality.

  1. Don’t forget your basic signs.

When you are walking around your store, make sure you have all the important information you want your customers to know. Your store signs should always include hours of operation, phone number, and website address. If customers stop by when you’re closed, providing this basic information can ensure you still capture their business later on.

Use these ideas to make the most out of your store signs. If you need assistance, the Allegra team is here to help. From custom design to installation, talk to our signage professionals about how to make a greater impact on your customer base with creative solutions, contact your local Allegra Marketing Print Mail location today!.


What to Print for Your Next Event

Event marketing can prove to be an effective strategy for lead generation and customer retention. Yet common missteps that can thwart your best intentions can happen before (lack of preparation), during (poor displays) and after (failure to follow up with leads). All can be easily avoided!

Printed Materials for Event Marketing

Many of your promotional tactics will be print-related. To ensure a greater return on your investment at your next trade show, expo or community event, here’s a rundown of what most marketers have in their event arsenal:

Banners, Posters and Signage
Whether your event is inside or outdoors, you’re competing with a lot of visual noise. Professionally produced banners, flags, pennants, posters and directional signage can drive foot traffic to your space, creating more opportunity for engagement. According to the 2016 Experiential Marketing Content Benchmarking Report, 74% of consumers said meeting with exhibitors made them more likely to buy the products being promoted or demonstrated.

Brochures and Flyers
Take along a mix of marketing materials. Inexpensive handouts are just right for anyone stopping by your booth, serving as a handy refresher once the show is over and everyone heads home. Keep a stash of more robust, high-quality sales brochures available for anyone who expresses a genuine interest.

Business Cards
Business cards are necessary for events and trade shows, so you’ll want to ensure that your team has plenty to hand out. Are they up-to-date? Visually appealing? Readable? Think about sprucing up your business cards with textured paper, vibrant palettes and graphics and unique type fonts that align with your brand identity.

Direct Mail
Use the mail to be first in line in the minds of your customers, as it can take multiple contacts with your target audience to drive action. For an event, plan on delivering a save-the-date card a few weeks ahead of your invitation mailing. Based on responses, you may need a third reminder. An inexpensive postcard will do as a last push for RSVPs.

Event apps are growing in popularity for those who always have a phone in hand. Be aware that not all venues are enabled with Wi-Fi or it can be an additional cost if you’re the event host. Cover your bases with a printed program for handy reference and note taking. Your attendees will thank you.

There are plenty of extra print materials that can boost the success of your event. Place cards or nametags for special dinners, meet-and-greets and other similar events are a great way to organize your attendees and break the ice. Raffle tickets and contest forms featuring your brand logo create a fun and interactive experience for everyone, keeping you top of mind.

Want to check off these printed materials from your list? Your local Allegra Marketing Print Mail can help you!

Rethinking Signage: 3 Ways to Go Beyond the Banner

Large signs and graphics make a lasting impression on your audience. Whether indoors or out, there are plenty of trendy options to spice up your signage. Here are a few of our favorite ways to say hello to a new, fresh look that will capture your audience’s attention.

  1. Walk it out
    Make the most of every square foot of informational, promotional or decorative space in your facility. The latest solutions in graphics prove that you’re no longer limited to walls, windows and doors; you can now take advantage of graphics for floor surfaces and even printed ceiling tiles.
    Allegra Signage
  2. Look outside
    Perforated window graphics are a creative way to share your message. A creative twist on an old favorite, perforated graphics present a promotional message when viewed from one side (such as the outside of a door or window) and a clear view when seen from the other (often the inside of a vehicle or building). One-way vinyl graphics replicating frosted glass or displaying a design or scene also add an attractive element of privacy to office or conference room windows.
  3. Get mobile
    Whether they’re on a car, van or trailer, vehicle graphics and decals are some of the most economical ways to deliver promotional messages. Simply parking your vehicle is a marketing tactic! Smaller businesses or organizations without a permanent vehicle or fleet for deliveries or service calls can benefit from repositionable graphics. These are an ideal way to put your marketing in motion and are easily removed and replaced.

From custom design to installation, talk to the signage professionals at your local Allegra Marketing Print Mail about how to make a greater impact with creative sign solutions.