Three Things to Make Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out 

Real estate agents, property managers and sellers all have one thing in common: they want their listing to go for top dollar, and fast! While it seems simple enough, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are marketing commercial and residential properties alike. You are telling a story and trying to paint a picture to help your prospective buyer or leaser see themselves in your space. While practicality can sell, visualization seals the deal.  

So how do you make this happen? 

1. Use compelling images. Instead of snapping a couple of quick photos on your phone, reach out to a local expert that specializes in residential or commercial properties. Those that are trained in the field can help see things from a different perspective, merge together images to show a panoramic view and even highlight key selling points that you may overlook.  

Pro tip: If the property is a big sell – consider staging it with furniture so a prospective buyer can see themselves in the space. The additional investment will pay off in the long run. 

2. Design is key. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a prospective client needs to know what the space is going to do for them and how it fits their needs. They may be able to write off the fact it doesn’t have a wish list item if you hard sell the other pieces. Professionally-designed marketing material that lists key features along with strong photography can help drive the inquiry to you. Don’t cut corners to save costs – you could be selling yourself short in the long run. 

3. Create a sense of urgency. In today’s market, people know that properties are going fast – so make sure you communicate clearly with your prospective buyers on open house dates and when other offers come in.  That way, they know that you have their needs top of mind, which adds more value to the relationship.  

Pro tip: If they qualify for special grants or funding options, make sure you communicate those deadlines to your buyers, too. 

Ready to get started? Reach out to the Allegra team so we can help you create a listing that paints the story of a forever home. 

Make an Impression at Your Next Meeting or Conference with Professionally Printed Materials

Close Up of a Man’s Hands Holding a Booklet and a Woman’s Finger Pointing at It

The key to making a great impression at a meeting or conference is preparation. This is not limited to just having a great presentation, but should also include having printed materials that are professional-looking and represent your organization well. Depending on what the goal of your presentation is, the types of printed materials that you will use may vary:

Folders: If you are pitching a new business opportunity, you will probably have various documents such as information sheets, forms for attendees to fill out, and more. You want to make sure all of these documents are in one place that is both organized and well-branded. A custom folder with your organization’s logo and other information will provide recipients with an easy way to keep track of the documents you have provided to them, and will help to reinforce your brand identity every time they use it.

Booklets: Are you hosting a training seminar, presenting an annual report, or need to provide prospective clients or customers with data about all of the products or services that your company provides? Printing and binding services for booklets will help you put all of your important information in one place that the recipient can easily carry with them and consult as needed. Different binding options such as spirals, three ring binders, or sewn binding can be chosen to best fit the needs of the booklet, and you will have a durable finished product that can be opened up and referred to often.

Flyers: If you are doing a quick, informal presentation or just making a sales pitch as people pass by, a simple one-sheet flyer is ideal. You can quickly hand it to the people you are speaking to so that they can glance at it and see your organization’s branding and other information as you are speaking to them.

Business cards: Any time you are networking, presenting, or otherwise representing your organization, business cards are a must have. They are a quick way to share your contact information and give the clients, customers, and peers who you meet a tactile way to remember your interaction, increasing the likelihood of them reaching out to you later on.

Make sure you are prepared for your next presentation or conference by having the appropriate printed materials for your needs. Allegra provides printing and binding services, business card design, and much more to help businesses put their best foot forward!

What’s Next? with Carla Johnson

Your ability to adapt, embrace, and find opportunities in every interaction with customers and staff will help drive the success and continuity of your business. Things continue to change rapidly. Business owners across the U.S. and Canada are figuring out ways to reopen their businesses while keeping their team and customers safe. If this is where you currently are, this video is for you. Allegra has partnered with author and marketing expert Carla Johnson to bring you a series of short, 10-minute videos to help your business. Here she discusses five things to keep in mind as you plan the next steps for your business.

Working with other businesses in the community has given the Allegra team the expertise on solutions you may need to get back to business. If you are looking for help with anything related to print, marketing, or mail, contact us today!

Consistency Rules with Carla Johnson

In times of change or crisis, being consistent is the key to success and business continuity. Consistency is the key ingredient that helps businesses build trust and become memorable. In this short, 10-minute video, Carla Johnson explains how to build consistent business practices and shares common mistakes to avoid. Here, she discusses unique ways to stay present in your customer’s lives. Being at the right place at the right time is necessary, but the most important thing is to always deliver a consistent and meaningful message that represents your brand.

If you need help finding new ways to reinforce your relationship with your customers, contact your local Allegra today!

Triple Threat with Carla Johnson

Balancing how much of your marketing efforts and budget are used to nurture existing customers and attract new ones is always a challenge. In this insightful, 10-minute video, Carla Johnson will walk you through a new way to approach your strategic planning. Here she will give you a few examples of ways your business can reevaluate your short, medium, and long-term goals. By following this exercise, you will be able to identify valuable opportunities that you can begin implementing from immediately. Taking an overall look at the larger picture will help you pave the way to accomplish your business goals.

If you are looking for a partner to help you plan your strategies, consider reaching out to our team. Allegra has years of experience helping businesses in diverse industries reach their marketing goals. Contact your local Allegra today!

Take 10 Video Series – Marketing on Purpose with Carla Johnson

Consumers today care about the impact brands have in their communities. They want to know and understand what a brand stands for…in both good and tough times. Defining who you are as a company or organization through your brand purpose, can help differentiate you from the competition.

Listen to marketing expert Carla Johnson in this 10-minute “Marketing on Purpose” video where she discusses the importance of developing your brand purpose to accelerate your brand and help shape future marketing decisions. You’ll learn what a brand purpose is, why brands need one, the benefits and energy it can bring to an organization, and how to create your own powerful brand purpose statement.

RSVP has partnered with author and branding expert Carla Johnson to bring you proven tips to enhance your brand. If you are ready to get started and need help promoting your brand, contact your local Allegra today!

The Rise of Video Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Person holding tablet, social network conceptIt’s no surprise that the use of video has become increasingly popular in content marketing. Especially with the ever-evolving landscape of COVID-19, videos can be an excellent tool for companies to connect with consumers. Think about it – if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is 10 times that. Videos can surely allow for companies to get the most out of their content, without overextending themselves or their resources. Here’s why:


We’ve all seen companies produce messages surrounding COVID-19 to discuss how their brands are adapting or coping with the rapidly-changing environment. Especially during uncertain times, it’s important for brands to be genuine and authentic, and to be able to connect with their audience. Capturing a message through video can be an excellent way to humanize the brand and to show its authenticity to consumers. Of course, videos should also include accurate and new information in order to be effective and resonate with consumers.


Videos are incredibly digestible content, making them a great platform to spread information. A company that has a lot to say can benefit from making a video for customers instead of writing an essay in an email. However, informational videos do not have to be an executive talking to the camera – you can certainly show your audience new information instead of telling them. Sure, you can have your CEO present a message and it can be effective, but you can also film the health and safety processes your business has implemented, while your CEO speaks in the background. Videos allow you to be creative and express the tone and meaning behind your message in a variety of different ways.


So… what about post-COVID-19? We don’t suspect video marketing will slow down anytime soon – when used correctly, it can be an effective tool regardless of the situation. It can even be useful to promote events and products, or highlight team members and brand executives in the form of a “teaser” video. Restaurant brands who begin to open their dining rooms may benefit from announcing their plans through video, showing the precautions they’ve taken to make their restaurant clean and safe for guests. What about grand re-openings for non-essential businesses? Teaser videos can help attract customers to the event, as well as produce ongoing content from the event itself.

Words are effective and photos are lovely, but videos can connect with and resonate with audiences in a way far beyond other tools. That’s not to say every communication your brand sends out must be in the form of a video, but putting in the time to create video content can truly enhance your marketing plan.

To learn more about video marketingcontact Allegra today!

5 Tips to Communicate Effectively on Social Media During COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to communicate well and often with customers and community members. Social media is a low- or no-cost method for keeping the lines of communication open, even during a crisis.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when communicating with customers via social media while navigating the impact of COVID-19:

  1. Engage as often as you can. Although you are likely very busy, it is still crucial to find the time to connect with customers. Updates on local news, ways your business is adapting to the crisis, well wishes for the community and advice for other businesses or customers, especially as it relates to your industry, is excellent content to keep your social media pages active.
  2. Respond to comments. Ensure that you are responding to every customer comment, post and inquiry you receive through your social channels. Especially if there are questions about how your business is handling safety and health requirements, be as reassuring and communicative as possible.
  3. Show your support for your community. In your messaging, express that your business is there for the community, providing helpful resources and support for individuals or businesses. Access the human side of your business and show you care.
  4. Avoid controversy. In times of crisis, emotions are running high. Your business may be struggling and your livelihood may feel like it is on the line. Despite this, it is vital to maintain your calm on social media, and avoid blame, anger or getting drawn into arguments, even on your personal pages. Avoid any language that can be perceived as political or insensitive.
  5. Act as an outlet for information. Encourage your customers to ask questions and stay in contact.  For example, if a customer leaves a question via comment on a Facebook post, you can continue the conversation by saying, “Thank you for letting us know, we always appreciate your questions and we’d like to discuss this with you further. Here is our contact info so we can connect with you further.”

As a business owner, you need to be compassionate, mindful and sensitive on social media. You also need to be accessible and responsive as customers reach out with concerns, and proactive about sharing ways your business is responding and adapting to the situation.

The more your nurture those existing relationships, the easier it will be to leverage them in the future when things stabilize. Count on Allegra for more effective ways to communicate with customers.


Tips to Focus on Existing Customer-Partners During COVID-19

One thing our current situation has done is make the first principle of marketing clearer than ever: focus on your existing customers.

When small businesses think about marketing, they often think of it as a tool to attract new customers. But as we grapple with a pandemic and a turbulent economy, in many ways existing customers are much more valuable.

How can you use marketing to enhance your relationships with your current customers? What else can you offer them as an additional product or service? Can you speed up your processes or sell more with a bulk discount? Can you encourage them to plan ahead and commit to services in the longer term, when wallets might be less tight?

Analyze your current customers

If you haven’t spent time digging into the makeup of your core customer base, your repeat clients and higher spenders, take the time now to gather data.  What do they buy and when? How much do they spend? Are they motivated by discounts? Do they willingly pay full price or a combination of both? Use what you learn to inform your COVID-19 marketing efforts to your existing customers.

Make them feel special

Check in personally with your customers and ask how they are holding up. See if there is anything you can do to support their business, and find a way to show how much you value them. This can include useable tips for other businesses also struggling through the impact of COVID-19, or just an update on what’s been useful for your business and an offer to share any strategies.

Stay top of mind

This can be an electronic or print newsletter, or a short email or call checking in. No need to be too promotional or push hard for a sale; aim to be clear, genuine and concise. Thank them for their continued support. Give an example of strategies you’ve seen working for other businesses. Share what is giving you inspiration during these challenging times. Share anything you or others are doing to support the community or individuals in need.

Connect on social media

Now is the time to use your social media presence to connect with your existing customers. Connect with them on LinkedIn and engage on their social channels. Ask for their opinions and questions on posts. At a time when so many people are cooped up at home, social media is an outlet not only for personal connections, but for businesses to continue to maintain relationships with local partners.

Take this opportunity to put a human face on your business however you can, and that starts with marketing to the people who know your business best – your existing customers. If you’re looking for more ways to reach out to existing customers, count on Allegra for helpful tips and ideas.