How to Make an Impact at Your Next Conference

A Woman Stands at the Head of a Table Holding a Presentation Folder While Businesspeople Sit at the Table for a Presentation

Conferences are a great opportunity for businesses to connect with prospective customers or grow relationships with current ones. There are many ways to make an impact at your next conference, and the most memorable companies are those who use creative and effective ways to stand out.

Here are a few ways that your business can make an impact at your next conference:

1. Business cards: A tried and true printed marketing tool, business cards help you quickly share contact information and remain memorable. Get creative with your business card’s shape, paper stock and printing techniques to stand out from the pack, and include a QR code that makes your contact information and social media profiles easy to access.

2. Name tags: People often forget a new person’s name the moment after they meet them, which makes a great name tag a useful accessory both for reminding others of your name and for increasing brand awareness by also including your business logo.

3. Presentation folders: Whether you are presenting at a conference or just manning your company’s booth, a presentation folder is a great way to share information about your services or products in an organized and memorable way. Presentation folders can be designed with multiple pockets to include a business card, catalog or even a mini-USB drive that contains contact information for your business.

4. Promotional items: Nearly four in 10 consumers who receive a promotional gift from a business that they have not previously done business with say they are more likely to do so in the future, with recall being especially high for apparel items such as hats and shirts. Providing conference attendees with promotional items that they can use such as pens, mouse pads or mugs ensures that they will think of your business every time they write something down, use their computer or have a cup of coffee.

5. Special offers: Provide conference attendees with exclusive offers that are not available to anyone else. This shows them that you value their time and gives them an incentive to visit your website or physical location, helping to move them further along the sales funnel.

Is your business preparing to attend a conference? The experts at Allegra can provide you with many ways to make a great impression on conference attendees, from printed materials to promotional items and more. Contact us today to discuss all of your marketing needs!

Think flyers are an outdated marketing tool? Think again!

Close Up of a Woman's Torso in a Gray Business Suit Holding a Pink Flyer with White Text on It

With the increase in digital advertising through SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media marketing, flyers may feel like a marketing tool of the past, but they are still as relevant as ever! Flyers continue to be a cost-efficient, tangible and effective means of advertising a wide range of things for your business, from sales and announcements to events and more.

Allegra provides flyer printing services for your business, with benefits that include:

1. Low cost: Flyers allow you to get considerable results at a low cost. Large quantities can be printed without a big expense, and distribution costs can be minimal as well.

2. Easy distribution: Flyers are an easy marketing material to hand to customers or potential customers when they visit your store, stop by your booth at a convention or attend an event that your business is present at. They can also easily be included in direct mail campaigns by being added to letters, pamphlets or business publications such as magazines or newsletters.

3. Effective tracking: By adding a QR code, coupon code, personal URL or other tracking tool to your flyers, you can track who is receiving them and responding to them, allowing you to measure their effectiveness.

4. Complementing digital marketing efforts: Add a QR code to your flyer that links recipients to your social media profiles, website or email address.

5. Encouraging repeat business: Flyers that are inserted into packages for products purchased online or into shopping bags for purchases made in store can include an incentive such as a coupon for future purchases or information about upcoming sales.

With flyer printing services from Allegra, there are a multitude of ways that you can advertise your business, increase brand awareness and boost sales. Our professionals can help you choose the right size and paper stock for your flyers, with options ranging from simple black and white to full-color productions. We can even provide graphic design services if you aren’t sure about your flyer’s design, or don’t have a graphic designer on your company’s staff.

Contact Allegra to discuss all your flyer printing needs, along with any other print marketing needs that you have, including booklets, pamphlets, brochures, business cards and more. Your business can even use our WorkStream™ eCommerce platform to ensure that all your flyers and other printed materials can be accessed across all your locations. Let’s get started on your flyer project!

Marketing Ideas for Before, During and After Your Next Open House

Open houses are a commonly seen event in the real estate industry due to how much of an impact they can have on potential buyers and renters. Whether you’re opening an entire development of condos you want to fill with renters or are looking to sell an old home that’s full of charm, an open house event can highlight what makes each property special. 

When planning your next event, keep the following marketing items in mind to make the right impression before, during and after. 

Before: Ensure that everyone in the community knows an open house will be taking place by using yard signs placed strategically throughout a neighborhood. A simple message of “Open house this weekend!” with a date, time and address can capture the attention of potential buyers or renters.  

If you’re looking to fill a new development of homes or apartments, consider a small direct mail campaign, especially if you intend to host more than one open house or have a model unit that can be viewed on request. A good direct mail piece will contain information about the property, such as list price or rental rates, how many units are available or other pertinent details. 

During: You’ll be doing a lot of face-to-face interactions with prospects and clients during an open house, so it’s important to have the right marketing materials on hand. Consider wearing branded apparel with your agency’s logo on it so that anyone visiting the property immediately knows who to talk to for more details. 

A branded folder that contains your business card and details about the property can also make a strong, professional impression about what’s for sale or for rent – but also about you and your agency! Even if someone chooses not to pursue the available property, making sure that they’re given details about your business can mean they’ll think of you first when they look to buy, rent or sell another time. 

After: Follow up with the contacts you made at the open house by sending them a card thanking them for coming to the event. It can be as simple as a small note thanking them for their time and mentioning other similar properties your agency has for sale in the area, but it will make a big impression and ensure that these prospects know you’re thinking of them. 

If you want to go the extra mile, consider sending a small, branded item in the mail in addition to your note. Something as simple as a pen to sign the contract/agreement or magnet (to make sure an offer “sticks”) will keep you top-of-mind with these contacts.  

Need more ideas on how to market your next property? Contact the team at Allegra to set up a free consultation and discuss your unique needs! 

Signs for Success in Your School

Classrooms of all sizes and for all stages of learning need proper signage to create a welcoming, positive and impactful atmosphere for students. Make sure your school’s hallways, classrooms and other facilities are equipped for long-term success with the right kind of visual communications from Allegra.

Consider how you might use the following in your classroom or other school facilities:

Banners: Flags and banners of all sizes can easily attract attention when used outdoors. They’re ideal for promoting upcoming athletic or art events to your local community but can also be just as easily used indoors to help instill a little bit of extra school spirit.

Floor graphics: When placed well, floor graphics can help you direct the flow of foot traffic through busy hallways. If you have younger students, you can also appeal to their senses by creating colorful patterns or even games like hopscotch!

Posters: A well-decorated classroom becomes a place where students feel excited and inspired to learn. Posters are a cost-effective way to instill confidence in the classroom, promote upcoming events like dances, or just reinforce your school’s logo, mascot and colors.

Window graphics: If your school has classrooms that tend to heat up from large windows bringing in excessive sun exposure, consider using window graphics – you can display high-resolution images on perforated vinyl that helps to dilute the sun’s rays while promoting what makes your school special.

Yard signs: Do you need to promote an upcoming open house or other school events? Or are you just looking for a fun, cost-effective way to highlight your graduating students? Consider yard signs as an easy, visible way to promote and inform!

At Allegra, the possibilities for visual communications are limited only by your imagination. Contact us for more information on what kinds of signs and graphics may be best suited for your school!

Is marketing a sixth sense?

Engage donors and increase donations by appealing to all of their senses.

When you want to appeal to donors, it requires proper consideration and time to think about the kind of campaigns that will generate the largest contributions to your healthcare facility. With proper planning and the right list of attendees, your fundraising event can raise thousands – or, in some cases, hundreds of thousands – that can go towards medical research, facility expansions and equipment that can save lives.

While you already know that fundraising is critical, keep in mind how the most successful events appeal to all five senses.

  • Smell. When an attendee walks into a room, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it comfort? Hunger? A childhood memory? Amplify this experience by developing décor to set the mood and enhance how your guests breathe in your event.
  • Sight. Looking around the room, are people able to understand what they are contributing towards? Is there information to tell a story? Do your signs show how funds will be invested?
  • Sound. How will your evening be remembered? Will it be an emotional appeal from a survivor? An orchestra of strong and talented individuals? Toasts that highlight large donors or even videos that combine both voice and music to tell an impactful story? Control the narrative of the evening by thinking about everything they will hear.
  • Touch. While it’s easy to cut back on expenses to try to increase the profit behind these events, touch is something that appeals to the majority, so don’t cut too many corners. Think about name cards, napkins, tablecloths and even any literature that you are going to distribute – what does it say about your facility? Will they leave feeling like they are contributing to a worthy endeavor?
  • Taste. It’s tempting to try to control all of the elements of the evening, from the menu down to the bartenders. Though it’s important to have a handle on things, it’s also important to remember that you won’t decide what everyone decides to eat. Keep in mind that it’s only one piece of the overall equation of your event.

Finally, let’s talk about the sixth sense: marketing. Some people have the natural ability to orchestrate and envision an entire event. Whether you’re already a marketing visionary or if you need a bit of guidance, we’re here to help. Contact us today to help make your vision a reality at your next event.

Does your healthcare facility have these essential marketing materials?

It’s Time For A Check-up

Sometimes, the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Your healthcare practice, facility or clinic should be fully stocked on the necessary forms and other printed materials that your staff needs to successfully do their jobs, and that your patients need to track their status.  

Making sure you have the right kind of printed materials on hand can make or break any medical clinic or healthcare facility. Though you may not realize it, they’re an absolute necessity to ensure that your business continues to function smoothly every day. They also can help boost the client experience and solidify your branding. 

Think about how you use the following kinds of printed materials in your practice – and about how you can go the extra mile with them: 

  • Forms: Every medical practice and healthcare facility needs forms, both internal and external for staff and clients. The best kind of business forms are professional, user-friendly and functional – and they help you save time, minimize the potential for errors and improve productivity. Ideally, all necessary forms should be as easy to fill out as possible; forms that are too long or disorganized can lead to costly mistakes being made. Your forms throughout your practice should also be appropriately branded to help the consistency of your marketing. 
  • Brochures and booklets: When a patient receives a diagnosis or is preparing to undergo a procedure, you can inform them about what to expect with a well-designed, easy-to-understand brochure or booklet. A simple walkthrough about what the procedure will entail, what kind of technology will be used, or what to expect during a recovery process can be reassuring during what is otherwise an anxiety-inducing time for patients and their families. 
  • Flyers: If your facility is offering vaccination clinics, testing sites or anything else that can improve the health of the general public, make sure they know about it! Distributing informative, eye-catching flyers throughout your community can help let everyone know that your practice is offering important and beneficial services. 
  • Folders: There can often be a lot of paperwork involved with receiving medical care, and something as simple as a professional, branded folder can make a big impression on your clients and visitors. Plus, it makes it easier to stay organized by keeping everything in one place – something everyone can appreciate. 
  • Cards: Whether handed out in-person or sent through the mail, reminder cards for upcoming appointments can be a difference-maker with your clientele. Smart design can help these cards catch attention in crowded mailboxes and ensure your patients know when they’re due for care.  

Healthcare professionals know that printed materials are simply a part of their everyday life – so stock up on all your necessities with help from Allegra. We provide printing services to ensure you never run out of the most-needed forms and more. Contact us today to set up a consultation! 

Give Your Direct Mail the Edge in 2022

Marrying direct mail with digital marketing campaigns can better achieve your ideal results.

There’s so much mail and so little time to read it – so how do you stand out in a busy mailbox? Studies show that direct mail continues to deliver results, even in the face of growing digital options for marketing.   

The hard numbers tell the story: a study by the Data & Marketing Association showed that response rates for direct mail are at about 9%, which far eclipses response rates for emails. On top of that, more than 42% of direct mail recipients read or at least scan the mail they receive. 

Marrying direct mail with digital marketing campaigns can better achieve your ideal results. In fact, more than 60% of marketers say they use online tracking capabilities to better measure responses to their direct mail campaigns.   

So how can you go the extra mile and really ensure that your next mail piece delivers your message? Here’s a few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Postcards are more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why. A postcard is smaller, with less words – meaning it’s faster to read over quickly and understand the message you’re sending. A bright graphic and a call to action to visit your website or in-person location can help drive strong response rates. 
  • QR codes have made a comeback, especially as part of a multichannel effort. Including a QR code is a quick, easy way for you to immediately drive the eyes of customers to your website, or even to a special online offer exclusive for your specific campaign.
  • Eco-friendly trends are easier than ever to take advantage of. Whether you use recycled paper for your mailers or just include a “recycle me!” message on your postcard, it’s easy to show that your company is having a positive impact on the environment.  
  • Variable-data printing makes it simple and easy to quickly personalize your mail pieces. You can create a one-to-one campaign with specific imagery and content relevant to each individual on your list – which in turn drives stronger response rates and better engagement with your brand. 
  • Go dimensional: To really make an impact, trade your envelope or postcard for a mailing tube or small box and include a logoed item that coordinates with your campaign. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 85% of consumers remember the advertiser who gave them a promotional product.  

Smart marketers know that a great direct mail piece starts way before putting the stamp on an envelope. When you’re ready to plan out your next direct mail campaign, whether on its own or as part of a larger multichannel effort, contact Allegra to set up a consultation! 

How to Revolutionize Your Company’s Business Cards

A Group of People Sit at a Table for a Business Meeting, Two of them are Exchanging a Business Card

Of all the printed marketing materials out there, the business card is surely the most ubiquitous one. Nearly everyone carries a business card, whether it is for the business that they own, the company that they are a salesperson for, or even the restaurant that wants to give people a quick and simple way to save their contact information. With so many business cards being passed around for so many different purposes, it is important that your business card stands out, otherwise it will blend in and be forgotten.

Allegra offers several business card printing solutions to help your business revolutionize your business cards. Read on to see how QR codes and double-sided printing can make yours stand out:

QR codes for business cards: A lot of things became touch-free during the COVID-19 pandemic, and QR codes saw a huge uptick in use. By allowing someone to simply pull out their phone, open their camera or QR app and snap a picture that then takes them to the desired web page, service and communication become faster and more convenient.

Business cards should not only contain important and helpful information, but they should also be attractive. Sometimes the amount of information that we want to convey won’t fit on a traditionally sized business card, or if it will, it will make for a very cluttered card that is not appealing to the eye. A QR code removes this problem, allowing large amounts of information to be shared with the simple snap of a smartphone camera.

QR codes remove the need for manually entering a name and phone number into a phone contact log, which could result in mistakes, and they also eliminate the need to type out a URL. This is especially helpful for companies who have a longer URL, or who have a URL that contains unusual spellings of words.

You can even track leads using a QR code by having UTM tracking parameters associated with the code that tell you how many times your company’s site has been visited by way of that specific QR code. Such a small, simple code offers so many benefits and advantages!

Double-sided business cards: Traditional business cards have typically been printed on just one side. This leaves an entire side of unused real estate that can serve a number of purposes. If your restaurant is handing out business cards with your address and contact information on them, the other side can be used for a coupon to entice people to visit, business hours to let people know when to come see you, or specials such as happy hour.

Sales professionals can use the other side of their business card to provide quick tidbits about why customers should work with them while small business owners can showcase one or two product or service images. Rather than trying to fit a lot of information onto one side of the card, it can be spread out when the other side of the business card is utilized.

These are just two of the many ways that Allegra can help your organization revolutionize your business cards. Contact us for all of your business card printing needs, from the initial graphic design to choosing the card materials and shape and then printing them.

Your Business Year in Review: Showcase Your Success with a Book Binding

As you reflect on your professional life this past year, we hope it has been a year of triumphs. Difficulties may have arisen and setbacks may have occurred, but you managed to overcome them. They do not overshadow the accomplishments your company has achieved, but instead work to make your successes shine even brighter. As we wind down the year 2021, let those highlights be what you take with you into 2022. Rely on Allegra for professional book binding service that can showcase your major projects and achievements throughout 2021. Consider the following:

An Open Booklet with a Bound Spine Sits on Top of a Closed Booklet on Top of a Brown Wood Surface

Saddle-stitch or sewn pamphlets: Choose a pamphlet for an unpretentious-yet-powerful option. Compact, yet eye-catching, they can be mailed or handed out at trade shows. Potential clients can easily flip through them or take them along for later perusal. This option is highly cost-effective, enabling you to convey a lot of information both verbally and visually. You certainly do not want to overload your potential client with too much info but instead curate an appropriate collection that sends just the right message.

Spiral-bound books: Display striking images, graphs and details with spiral-bound booklets. A durable plastic or metal coil joins your book together, allowing the pages to be easily opened and viewed. Regardless of how many pages your book is—thick or thin—they can effortlessly be bound using this method. These can be kept on your desk long term so that potential clients can flip through them. Each member of your team can have them on hand in their office or at an event. Choose lamination so that the material can be easily cleaned and wiped down between visitors. Or have multiple copies at the ready to send home with your potential clients.

Collated and strip-bound booklets: Attain highly durable and long-lasting materials that are collated and strip-bound. This method starts with collating the information, or collecting it and combining it into the correct order. From there, it is strip-bound using a plastic strip with plastic tines. A machine is used to secure everything in place. Allegra handles the entire process for you, ensuring that the information is safely and accurately housed in a booklet that your team members and potential clients can admire.

Show your potential customers in 2022 what your business is capable of creating with our custom printing and binding services. Your Allegra team understands what elements need to be considered to determine which binding option is best for your project. We have several custom options that will provide you with just the right finish. Contact your local Allegra to enlist our professionals for your book binding service.

2021 Corporate Gift Ideas

A Man Dressed in Business Professional Attire Offers a Box with a Gift Bow on it

Now that we have reached the final quarter of the year, it is time to begin thinking about corporate gifts to thank employees for all of their hard work in 2021, and to thank valued clients for their business. With business promotional items from Allegra, it’s easy to find and design corporate gifts for all of your employees and customers.

Custom-printed laptop bags: Whether you have employees who have returned to the office after working from home during the pandemic, or your employees are still working remotely, a custom-printed laptop bag provides an attractive and useful way for them to take their computers with them on the go.

Custom computer accessories: Another practical item, whether your employees are in the office or at home, is computer accessories. A new mouse pad or mouse customized with your company logo will be a welcome, handy gift that will get put to use as soon as it is received.

Desk accessories: Customized desk accessories are welcome gifts because they will be used often. Logoed pens, notepads, notebooks, calendars and more are all practical gifts that will get used throughout the following year.

Apparel: A high-quality piece of apparel such as a long sleeve pullover shirt, polo or dress shirt that is branded with your company logo will get put to use in the office, on video calls or anywhere else that your employees need to look their best. This gift provides the additional advantage of making your employees identifiable as part of your company when they are wearing it, boosting your company brand exposure.

Drinkware: No matter what location your customers are working from, they will need cups and mugs to drink from. Reward your employees with a beautiful new logoed mug for their morning coffee, or an insulated cup that will keep their water or other beverage cold throughout the workday.

Awards: Does your company host an end-of-year party, banquet or awards ceremony? Recognize your outstanding employees or valuable clients with custom awards such as plaques, trophies or engraved pens. Giving awards to employees has been shown to boost morale and reduce turnover, and rewarding loyal customers helps to keep those customers and encourage them to refer more business to your company.

Wrap up the year by letting your employees and customers know that they are valued and appreciated. Business promotional items are a fantastic way to show your gratitude, with the added bonus of boosting your brand exposure when the logoed items are used or worn in public. Contact Allegra today for help choosing and designing the perfect 2021 corporate gifts for your company.