Three Unique Ways Floor Graphics Help Your Customers

Floor graphics are a creative and innovative communication tool that can help customers browse your store with ease and direction. They may not be the first thing you think of when you start contemplating what graphics you need at your location, but there are many reasons for you to take them into consideration! From informing customers of where to go to serving as a promotional tool, floor graphics are a great choice for businesses in many industries.

Some of the unique ways floor graphics can help your customers include:

Floor Graphics Attract Attention

Floor graphic for social distancing

Businesses often become hectic and busy, especially during the most popular shopping hours. Take some weight off of your customers’ shoulders by providing them with easy-to-read symbols or statements about products, promotions or directions. Additionally, traditional marketing strategies are a bit played out for many potential customers. They have seen it all, from signs and banners to flyers and brochures. Floor graphics aren’t new, but are being reinvisioned as a concept that calls for the attention of potential customers and brings their focus to a new area.

Showing Off Your Businesses Creativity

Floor graphics can be a great way to exercise creativity. Use floor graphics to inform patrons of the directions to their new favorite product, to a specific room or registers and even promote social distancing with Allegra’s custom floor graphics. If your business’s aim is to make customers smile, create an amusing or inspiring message to bring your customers or guests extra joy on their day out!

Floor Graphics Create a More Spacious Feeling in Stores or Buildings

Traditional marketing signage can be obstructive and take up more space than it needs to. With custom floor graphics from Allegra, your store completely opens up and incorporates a profitable marketing strategy that will help both your customers and your business.

At Allegra, we create custom floor graphics for businesses and organizations of all kinds, ranging from grocery stores to restaurants, to retail stores, conference halls, schools, and more. Our team of expert graphic designers collaborates with you to understand your business and reflect its values in every piece we create. Additionally, we provide high-quality printing services so you never have to worry about blurred images or statements in your custom floor graphic. Our aim is to print seamless custom floor graphics that are eye-catching and imaginative as well as helpful for your customers.

Floor graphics are a cost-effective and innovative way to advertise promotions, direct customers to products or areas of your store, and can turn your building into a more inviting atmosphere. For more information on how custom floor graphics can benefit your business, customers, and guests, visit Allegra online today. We look forward to working with you!

How to Create the Best Welcome Package for New Hires

Starting a new job means big changes are coming! From reorganizing their desk space to getting settled into the daily responsibilities of their new position, new hires want to receive a warm welcome and feel supported throughout their onboarding process. At Allegra, we want to help you provide your new hire with everything they could need and want to feel comfortable and welcomed onto your team.

A new employee receiving a welcome package surrounded by employees who are smiling and clapping.

Put together a welcome package in a high-quality presentation folders created in a collaborative process with your business to reflect the values of your company. You lay out the requirements and we’ll work together to select the format, stock, and finishing techniques to make the statement you need to deliver with your presentation binder or folder. Well-designed, branded folders make a positive and professional impression on everyone who sees them.

These presentation folders extend an invitation to your new hire, helping them get to know more about your company. Within these branded folders, you can give your new employee all of their important documents and informative guides on their new role. Additionally, Allegra can create a full welcome package for your new hires, including all types of branded products.

In your new employee welcome package, consider including:

Branded Bags or Totes

Allegra creates custom bags with your logo prominently displayed. Whether you have a clear vision or need guidance on the design, our specialists are available to guide you towards a stunning finished product.

Computer Accessories

Tech-focused gifts and gadgets can greatly benefit your new team member as they get onboarded and introduced to your company. We offer branded computer accessories ranging from USB drives with your logo design, to custom mouses, mousepads and laptop bags!

Desk Items

Give your new hire high-quality desk items such as branded pens, markers and even stress relievers! Additionally, we can put your logo design on custom stress balls or desktop magnetic structures that are greatly valued and appreciated by busy workers.

Health-Related Items

Show your new hire how much your company cares for their safety by gifting them custom flashlights, protective eyewear, forehead thermometers, and branded first aid kits. Providing these types of safety items instills a feeling of trust and confidence in your business.

Mugs and Drinkware

Affordable and highly functional gifts are the best. With Allegra, count on high-quality custom mugs, glasses, reusable coffee cups and water bottles. Our custom drinkware is the perfect gift to include in your new hire’s welcome package and can be branded with your logo!

Count on Allegra for Logo Design

All of these promotional products that can be used for your new employee’s welcome package wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful logo design. When you need help developing a beautiful logo that reflects your brand, count on Allegra’s expert design team to help. Visit Allegra online today for more information about our promotional products and logo development services.