Why You Still Need Trade Show Brochures

In the last year, many trade shows had to be cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, innovation reigned as many trade shows adopted a virtual format so they could continue to help businesses like yours raise awareness about their brand. Believe it or not, it was discovered that virtual tradeshows still managed to effectively unlock opportunities and drive leads. Although it altered the way that face-to-face marketing took place, it also removed the physical constraints of travel and time which enabled more people to be reached. Additionally, the virtual format offered a budget friendly solution to brand awareness.

Man holding a brochure and pointing to the inside.

To put it simply, virtual trade shows work.

That said, the success of virtual trade shows does not completely eliminate the need for tangible materials. Items like swag, business cards, and brochures play a significant role in giving potential leads the chance to follow up with what you have to offer them. While making certain content and information immediately downloadable for your audience is both necessary and beneficial, sending this information in a physical form offers the incentive to take the next step with your business. A visitor to your virtual booth who voluntarily provides mailing information for you to send them more information has already expressed interest, and once you send them their physical brochure they will feel the effort you put in to go the extra mile beyond the virtual experience. Allegra offers brochure printing to help you do just that.

An effective brochure for a trade show accomplishes three simple tasks:

Grab Their Attention

The cover of your brochure is the first thing that the reader sees. It needs to be interesting to look at and should include:

  • A visually captivating layout
  • Compelling text
  • Eye-catching graphics

Allegra offers numerous design options including:

  • Various sizes
  • Unique folds
  • Die-cut windows or shape
  • Punched
  • Collated
  • Wire bound
  • Insert pocket addition
  • Paper stock options
  • Various coatings

We assist you with every aspect of the design process, so you are sure to create a brochure that meets your needs.

Make the Connection

While virtual trade shows have been an amazing tool for business to rely upon in the last year, we hope to get back to in-person trade shows soon. Either avenue offers a space to make a connection with potential clients and having physical brochures is an excellent way to nourish this connection. In order to do this effectively you need to consider your audience and what their needs are so you can highlight what you have to offer them as a business. Be specific by telling them why and how you can help them better than anyone else can.

Gain the Lead

Make sure your brochure includes a call-to-action that is clearly defined. Let your reader know what you would like them to do to take the next step. Be sure to include clear contact information such as:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Website
  • Office address
  • Social media

Allegra is proud to provide full-service design, printing, and mailing options for your trade show brochures. Let’s get started! Visit AllegraMarketingPrint.com to find your local Allegra.

Highlight Your Project with a Custom Booklet

While technology enables us to create and disseminate information at a very large scale, not all special projects exist in a purely digital space. There is not only still room for physical publications, but it remains that they are incredibly necessary for certain avenues. Booklets are a handy way to inform, train, or to sell. Regardless of what your needs are, Allegra offers booklet printing services to meet them. This means that after your project is complete at the digital level, it can be printed and bound together in a tangible copy that lasts. We handle every aspect in four simple yet comprehensive steps:

Stack of open, bound booklets.
  • Design
  • Print
  • Bind
  • Distribute

Custom Booklet Design

When it comes to the design of your booklet, you can communicate your vision to us precisely, or ask for guidance. You can achieve a simple and clean look or run wild with creativity. For this reason, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to booklet printing. We begin by understanding the goal of your project so that we can make recommendations about the appropriate style. You also receive expert direction on choosing the right paper stock, cover stocks, binding options and more. We even meet special cover requirements by providing specialized options such as die-cutting or embossing.  Some examples of booklets that we print include:

  • Owner’s manuals
  • Instruction manuals
  • Catalogs for products or services
  • Monthly magazine that you send out to all of your employees
  • Professional publications

Efficient Printing to Meet Your Deadline

As opposed to a flyer or brochure, booklets are designed and printed to last, so you are assured that your final version stands out. We make sure that each page is printed with precision, so the quality of the text and images is clear and legible. You can count on Allegra for short-run printing to make sure your project is complete on time.

A Variety of Booklet Binding Options

You may find that you need your booklets to lie flat when they are open, so just let us know and we can accommodate that. Or perhaps you are on a budget and just want to keep it as a simple as possible. Allegra offers several different binding options that include:

  • Coil binding works perfectly for catalogs or instruction manuals because it keeps the booklet open to a specific page. This enables hands-free perusal so whoever is reading the booklet can also have their hands available while they read.
  • Perfect binding options are also available that keep the pages in place using glue before securely attaching them to the cover.
  • Saddle stitch binding is an affordable way to add a professional finish to a booklet. It features a flat spine, so it fits easily onto a shelf next to other books and binders.

Distribution that Gets Your Custom Booklet Where It Needs to Be

After your booklets have been designed, printed, and bound, the next step is sending them out to the people who need them. We have all of your distribution needs covered including direct mail, so your booklets end up in the right hands. Let’s get started on your project! Visit our website at AllegraMarketingPrint.com to find your local Allegra.

Celebrate Achievements During COVID with Custom Yard Signs

More than a year has gone by since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States and Canada. Essential and frontline workers continue to serve their communities, putting themselves in harm’s way. Some have struggled immensely while others have found the silver lining in spending more time at home. One of the more positive outcomes of this difficult year has been the prevalence of creativity. Since we are not able to celebrate in the manner we are used to – by gathering together in large crowds, hugging friends, and neighbors, shaking hands – innovative methods of celebration have manifested that enable us to continue highlighting momentous events. Allegra is proud to design and print custom yard signs to help you celebrate any occasion from afar. These yard signs have many advantages which include being:

Graduation yard sign that says Jackson Class of 2021
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Effective
  • Flexible Location Options
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable

The following are just a few ideas to help boost a special day for yourself or someone you care about to get you into the celebratory spirit.


While it has long been considered a rite of passage to walk across the stage at graduation, this practice may still be put on hold for many high schools and college students. That said, you can still celebrate the upcoming graduates for 2021 by placing a custom sign in your yard.


A milestone birthday like turning 16, 21, or 40 deserves recognition, but really any birthday is special and should not be overlooked. Celebrate from afar with a dazzling, eye-catching yard sign. Your friends and family members can drive by and toast to your life from 6 feet away as you shine on your special day.

Announcing a New Baby

Whether you are newly pregnant and want to share that with the world, just revealed the gender of your baby, or are bringing your bundle of joy home for the first time, a custom yard sign is the perfect way to make this known for your friends and neighbors.

Engagement & Weddings

Getting married is about starting your life with a partner you can depend, through sickness and in health. Even though large weddings are being postponed, you can still celebrate safely. Whether popping the question or popping over to the chapel, highlight this ray of happiness with a yard sign.

Allegra allows you to choose from lawn sign options including Coroplast® signs, plastic signs, and corrugated signs. All of these options are easily customized to include the message and graphics you desire. Visit AllegraMarketingPrint.com to find your local Allegra and to order your custom yard sign for your celebration!

Print Communication Best Practices for the Digital Age

direct mail

Print communication and marketing has established itself as a successful and long-standing tactic in the business world. It works both when you want to acquire new customers as well communicate with an existing audience—but why is it that print marketing is so effective, even in a digital age?

When receiving marketing material in the mail, the recipient interacts with it in a way that digital tactics can’t replicate. Plus, if your direct mail is able to elicit feeling or emotion, an even deeper connection can be formed. This creates a more personal experience than digital tactics, where users will see the message and scroll past it perhaps without a thought. Print marketing, however, can carry more longevity.

To make the most out of your print communication strategy in the digital age, here are some things to keep in mind as you plan.

Personalization is Key

When designing your printed materials, look for ways to make it as personal to the recipient as possible. Instead of giving your postcard or flyer a generalized greeting, such as “To the residents of,” address the recipient by name. To take it a step further, customize your direct mail campaign to fit what the customer is looking for. If you have a list of customers who have previously bought a service or product from you, include a coupon for a discount on their next purchase. If you are targeting your campaign at new customers, include a free consultation or gift when they visit your business. Use incentives that reflect customer spending habits to maximize their potential.

Utilize the Senses

A wonderful aspect of print communication is the ability to customize nearly every detail of its design, which in turn can make the material you send stand out from the rest of the “junk.” When creating your next flyer, pamphlet or brochure, incorporate unique design elements that evoke feelings or senses. This can include eye-catching colors, distinct imagery and even the sense of touch. Punch-out coupons and contact cards are just a few ways you can create a memorable experience for the recipient through direct mail. 

Complete the Circle

Although print and direct mail is a tried and true tactic in the marketing world, it will likely not be the only route you choose to take. Living in the digital age means incorporating print methods with digital ones, too. Make your multi-channel campaigns effective by unifying them through design and messaging and bring it back full circle. The imagery of your direct mail flyers should reflect the design of your digital ads, and the word choice should remain cohesive. If you’re looking to integrate the print and digital platforms even further, include a QR code on your print materials to drive recipients to your online website. The scannable feature will make it even easier for consumers to interact with your campaign in a meaningful way. Plus, it creates an ability to capture campaign data. 

Print communication campaigns offer a wide range of customization and potential for creating meaningful interactions with your new and existing customers. Unlike digital campaigns that an audience can simply scroll past in seconds, direct mail is not as easily ignored in the digital age. To help your print communication live up to its full potential, focus on personalization and eliciting sensory experiences—and don’t forget to keep it consistent with your digital presence, too. If you want to dive into more best practices for print communication, contact your local Allegra team.