After You Land Your Customers, Hang on to Them: Step 3

Adding some well-crafted personal touches to your new customer welcoming routine can help make a lasting and positive impression. If you want them to stick around or keep coming back, continue to let them know how much you value them. This is another way multi-channel messaging can be put to good use.

Retention Secrets word stamped in grunge red ink style on a yellow envelope to give you tips and advice on retaining customers or employees
Retention Secrets word stamped in grunge red ink style on a yellow envelope to give you tips and advice on retaining customers or employees

You can increase your customer retention rate by showing your appreciation for continued patronage in various and frequent ways. Communicate loyalty discounts, special offers or simple but sincere thank you messages through email, online responses, direct-mail offers and, of course, one-on-one contacts. Keep them coming back to your website through engaging and interesting blogs, special-offer invites and discount or enhanced services coupons.

Variety can be a key component in effective retention messaging. Mix things up and don’t rely upon only one or two communication channels. Postcard mailings, newsletters and print ads can all add to your digital messaging and create an enhanced and memorable customer experience.

By keeping track of your customers’ buying habits, preferences and demographics, you can customize your messaging to match their individual needs and wants. This also enables you to measure and compare the effectiveness of the various channel and demographic interactions you’re relying upon. More big-time data sifting? Sure, but you don’t need to perform the collection and analysis on your own. The results of your retention efforts can be compiled and presented in a meaningful and useful format through the services of the right marketing provider. This is the type of data compilation that can be the determining factor in how well your business’s upselling, cross-selling and renewal opportunities play out

Learn More About the Ways Awareness, Conversion and Retention Work Together

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